Historical Dictionary of Islam

Historical Dictionary of Islam, Second Edition (Historical Dictionaries of Religions, Philosophies and Movements)
Publisher: The Scarecrow Press, Inc. ISBN: 0810861615 edition 2009 PDF 480 pages 4 mb

This book provides an opportunity to a lay man as well as a student to learn Islamic history, religion, philosophy. It also tells about Islamic political movements.

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Anonymous said...

Dr zakir,
I came across an arcticle written by Pastor Chuck baldwin, USA something like this : Anyone with even a casual knowledge of Islam knows that when Muhammad founded the Muslim religion there were about 300 pagan gods being worshipped in the region. He selected the moon god, Allah, and proclaimed it to be the one true God. This is, of course, the origin of the crescent moon symbol of Islam.

Can you explain this to me.


team said...


Unknown said...

I have fw question from muslim, please come with one by one answer. it my request.
1. IF allah created this earth and all were muslim, then how Sanatan Dharanm Orignated.From Where Hindu came,Did Muslims were forcefully converted into Hindu, Then I would like to know the name of that King who convered.
2.If allah created this world , it nature and all animals, then why did he created PIG, whom Allah hate…If all things is in hand of Allah of creating and destroying…This shows that Allah have no power of creation and destroying…All written in quran is wrong mentioned.
3.Question to muslim Who said I m true muslim… then I would like him to research the name of his 15th to 20th grandfather name…His name wuld be Hindu based…Please come with names
4.Why muslim cut thr penis skin .
5.Is there any masjid that is 2000 yr old.
7. In quran , it is written that Allah sees all ppl same, then why it is written is quran that block the way of non muslim, kill non muslim, until and unless they accept islam .
8. Why few area in mecca are restricted.

Plz read the hisory of islam and accept truth, malik ek he hai, but tum use allah bolte ho, Mohammad ne islam ko banaya tha.. why there are no proof of islam that is 2000 3000 yr old, but sanatan still have 32ooo yr old , 50000 yr old proof.

Mohammad uncle was Hindu, he even wrote few Poem on the praise of Lord Shiva in book sair o- okul page 235 .. this book is in Istanbul.. iss par to bharosa kr he sakto ho.

Now i am giving proof that islam rognated from Sanatan.


page 235 of Sair-Ul-Okul and reads as follows:

Kafavomal fikra min ulumin Tab asayru
Kaluwan amataul Hawa was Tajakhru
We Tajakhayroba udan Kalalwade-E Liboawa
Walukayanay jatally, hay Yauma Tab asayru
Wa Abalolha ajabu armeeman MAHADEVA
Manojail ilamuddin minhum wa sayattaru
Wa Sahabi Kay-yam feema-Kamil MINDAY Yauman
Wa Yakulum no latabahan foeennak Tawjjaru
Massayaray akhalakan hasanan Kullahum
Najumum aja- at Summa gabul HINDU.hope this will suffice.so it shows that with variations all religions are one.
sayar ul okul

Sajal Ahmed(Bangladesh) said...

Thank you sir.

Sajal Ahmed(Bangladesh) said...

Hello Every Hindu brothers, Islam, why are you such a headache? Let us search for the science of Hinduism :p "Stationary in the sky, the earth is stationary, in the mountains and freeze | (Rigved 173/4 ||)"

Unknown said...

A need of every in such a times.

Unknown said...

A need of every in such a times.

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