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Videos relating to Islamic Medical Science & Dietary Laws .


Historical Dictionary of Islam

Historical Dictionary of Islam, Second Edition (Historical Dictionaries of Religions, Philosophies and Movements)
Publisher: The Scarecrow Press, Inc. ISBN: 0810861615 edition 2009 PDF 480 pages 4 mb

This book provides an opportunity to a lay man as well as a student to learn Islamic history, religion, philosophy. It also tells about Islamic political movements.

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Its a zipped file so extract it to use.

Interest Free Economy Promulgated By Quran (Video Lecture)

Interest Free Economy is a basic pillar Of Islamic Ecnomis in which poor is not exploited because he is poor but helped by Zakat. This is on what Zakir Naik speaks. A very interesting speech for Muslims and non -Muslims who want to know about Islam Economics.

If Label Shows Your Intent Wear It

Islamic scolarspeech about some traditions whic muslims should follow

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Focus On Islam And Universal Brotherhood (Video Lecture)

Its a video in which Zakir Naik truly explains meaning of universal brotherhood. He tells Islam has no discrimination on basis of color, creed and status but all humans are equal.

Daawah Or Destruction (Video Lecture)

Watch Zakir Naik speaking about Dawaah (Calling people towards Islam) importance.

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Watch Zakir Naik new video while giving speech in Journey Of Faith Faith 2nd annual Islamic Conferrence. This is a must watch video of Zakir Naik who love him.

Islam: An Introduction To Non-Muslims

Islam: An Introduction To Non-Muslims - Dr। Zakir Naik in this video Dr. Zakir Naik tells about outlines of basic Islamic principles and practices while emphasising the rationality behind them using logic and science.He portrays true picture of Islam in this speech.

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Can Islam Offer More To Mankind Than Religion?

I will like to share a lectur by Dr.Zakir. "Can Islam Offer More To Mankind Than Religion?" . In this video you will watch Dr. Zakir Naik explains that unlike all the other religions Islam is not just a set of doctrines, it is a way of life . Islam doesns't only asks us to do good, it practically shows us how to achieve our goals to do good.
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Islam 6.90 software

I will like to share with you a software that deserves every Muslims attention "Islam 6.90 software". Which is Holy Quran viewer with more than 28 Languages: Albanian, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Brazilian ,Chinese ,Dutch, Finish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Malay, Mexican, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil ,Thai ,Turkish. Plus six other English Translations.

How yo use:
*When you were downloaded Holy Quran translation/s run the Islam software, click on the menu item "File / Option", then in the opened dialog box click on the "Install new translation" button and select downloaded Holy Quran translation *.tx_ file.


As it is a zipped file you should unzip it and give password: mechodownload

Discover Islam!

What Is Islam?

The project of Discover Islam present an awesome collection “Discover Islam Web Book” to those who are seeking the truth, The Islam. This is the most comprehensive Web Book about Islam. The Web Book CD includes: The Holy Quran (eBook), Holy Quran Software, Recitation of Holy Quran With English Translation, Islamic audio, Islamic flash video, Islamic software, Islamic eBooks, Islamic Software, Islamic mp3, Quran recitation in mp3, Quranic Searching.

This Discover Islam Web Book CD includes items :

The Holy Quran (Software/eBook):
Full Arabic Text - The Entire script of the Holy Quran in Arabic is built into Quran Viewer.
English Translation - The most widely accepted English translation of the Holy Quran.
language Plug-in - French translation, Spanish translation,Chinese translation and German translation.
Quranic text - that has been processed to work within Quran Viewer and shows the pronunciation of the Arabic words written in English. Commentary - Provides an introduction and brief commentary of each Chapter of the Holy Quran. Hierarchical Index - Provides access to well-known subject matter covered in the Holy Quran. Quranic Searching - A fast and intelligent querying engine facilitates quick and easy searching of the sacred and Holy Text. Quranic Duas - A library of almost 100 Duas (Supplications) from the Holy Quran, organised in convenient categories. You can view the Duas in any installed language!
This include over 70 hours of Islamic Content:

Recitation of the Holy Quran With English Translation and Islamic Audio Lectures is there. You can play Holy Quran Recitation & Audio lectures on DVD player. You can play Holy Quran Recitation & Audio lectures on mp3 player . You can download Holy Quran Recitation & Audio to your favorite portable mp3 player.

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Woman converting to islam in public

This video will make you realize the love the newly converted Muslims have for Islam. Woman comments shows love to Islam and the benefits Islam gives. She is truly representative of the new creed of converts who will take forward Islam.

Dr. Zakir Naik Books

I will like to share Dr. Zakir Naik books very good for those who want to convert to Islam or those who want to work for the propagation of Islam. These are four books namely:

3.QURAN AND MODERN SCIENCE - Compatible Or Incompatible
4.Islam & Terrorism

The books are in pdf format with size of whole file -4112 KB . The files are zipped so you will need to extract the folder.It will ask for password .You should type the password don't copy paste it. The password is

Enjoy reading wonderful books!

Why Zakir Naik is loved by non muslims?

We all know Zakir Naik (an Islam propogator) poppularity is all time high in Asia.Why is this so? Even non muslims love him why?

Respect to all religions
Because of his repect for all religions. He in speeches never abuse and never say anything bad about other religions. But try to preach islam in a way which should not be offensive.

Preaching to follow common of all religions
Most of the time he preaches that muslims , hindus and christians should come towards the common terms in there rerligions. Like humainty , honesty ,truth speaking and all like this stuff.

Speaking unity
He is a great preacher of unity between all humans without any discrimination of colour and creed.

Preaching Peace
when everyone is trying two destroy the image of muslims envolment in terrorism zakir naik is the only significant scholar who is trying two convince world abt peace loving islam. His efforts are really appreciable.